It was in 2012 that I went back to the Dreamcast. I was short of money and spent most of my time indoors (as I always will do) and wanted to revive one of the sleeping consoles of the past that I’d been storing at my parents house. My then girlfriend (now wife), had never played the Dreamcast so it was a joy to replay Shenmue and Jet Set Radio together, which are among my favourite games of all time. As we drove around in the Crazy Taxi games to The Offspring, wasted zombies in The House of the Dead and raised and released Seaman(!), it was time to look for something else. We dabbled in a few games here and there until we came across Space Channel 5.

As a 16 year old male Dreamcast owner in 2000, this would have been a game I had no interest in. But I was an idiot then. In 2012, older, more mature and a bit less of an idiot, it was a joy to experience this wonderful musical game and the sequel. So here is why you should play the Space Channel 5 games.

Sci-Fi and Dancing

You play as Ulala, a reporter tasked with improving the ratings of Space Channel 5 by defeating an alien race (the Morolians) and rescuing hostages through the power of dance. That old chestnut.

Do it for the Music

The music is catchy, the lyrics are silly (we still quote Purge’s ‘sweet, sly, sexy that’s me!’ line) and the dialogue is a mixture of cuteness and unintentional/intentional comedy.

The Colours

With bright colours, a 60s sci-fi motif and outfit changes the games will brighten up your TV from those depressing games you have been playing.

The Greatest Guitar Battle Ever

Oh and Space Michael Jackson